Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get your barbecue credentials here

There's more to barbecue than knowing bark from burned. And becoming a trained barbecue judge is one path to Hickory-Smoked Zen.

The Memphis Barbecue Network is one of the two main judge-training programs (the other is the Kansas City Barbecue Society) and they're bringing a class to Charlotte on March 16.

To clarify (and believe me, there is nothing harder to clarify than the smoky barbecue world), this is how I understand it from my barbecue sources:

 KCBS and Memphis in May used to be the two poles of the barbecue-competition circuit and both used to certify judges. To judge Memphis in May, you had to be a Memphis in May-certified judge, while KCBS-sanctified events accepted either  MIM or  KCBS certification. But MIM got out of certification. So now there is MBN and KCBS. However, Memphis in May isn't affiliated with either KCBS or MBN certification. My KCBS sources speak well of MBN, though, and accept its certification.

Also, Charlotte's Blues, Brews & BBQ is a MBN event, so you can judge there, although with any other MBN events you find.

Got that? OK, on to the other details: The class is $80, takes six hours, and will be held from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. March 16 at All American Pub, 200 E. Bland St. Seating is limited to 60, so advance registration and payment are required. To register, you can go to (look under "events") or email Mark Miller,


Anonymous said...

What they teach is not recognized as barbecue here in North Carolina.