Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Need your Super Bowl, food-waste tips

Not together, of course. My colleague Andrea Weigl is working on a couple of stories and she could use good people. I'll let her explain them both:

  • Are you the ultimate Super Bowl host or hostess? We'd love your advice on throwing a stress-free Super Bowl party - meating you actually get to enjoy the game because you get everything ready before kickoff. Send your tips and recipes to andrea.weigl@newsobserver.com. Please include "Super Bowl" in the subject line.
  • Andrea also is looking for tips on how to avoid wasting food. Are you a master at turning leftovers and leftover ingredients into amazing meals? Have you found a way to make sure you only buy what you need? Send your tips and ideas to andrea.weigl@newsobserver.com. Please include "food waste" in the subject line.

Thanks, folks. We get the very best ideas and recipes from all of you. That's what keeps this job fun.


Anonymous said...

"meating you actually get to enjoy the game" - great typo ;-)

Kathleen Purvis said...

See, I just did that to make sure you're paying attention.