Monday, October 11, 2010

Willow Bird blogger needs your help

Julie Ruble of Charlotte has a secret identity: She's a fanatical baker who blogs and posts very nice pictures of her decadent creations at

Now Julie has reached the upper level in a national food-blogger contest on Bloggers have to participate in 10 challenges, with bloggers eliminated every week. It's sort of a "Survivor: Kitchen Island." Willow Bird is one of only 100 blogs who have made it to Round 4, and she really needs your votes.

To vote for Julie, you need to sign up (it's free) at, then visit Julie's entry at and click "vote for this entry." This one is on how to make croissants, and the pictures are cute. Deadline to vote in this round is Oct. 14.

I don't think Julie can bake a croissant for everyone who votes, but I'm sure she'd still be very grateful.


Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

Oh, how I wish I could bake one for every single voter :)

Thanks so much for the mention! I'm thrilled to still be going strong in the competition.

Chris said...

Just voted! And I must say Julie, those are quite the delicious look Croissants you made. Best of Luck, hope you Win!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

We NEED an update here, Willow Bird Baking has continue to blow through the competition and is now in round 9 of 10, Lets get Charlotte area behind our local girl and get some support going for Willow Bird Baking again! Voting for round 9 is up now and remains open for 3 days.