Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Charlotte gets a fresh-fish market

Look Ma - blue prawns.

Bill Ryan is mighty proud of those blue prawns. And his big hunks of tuna, dry-pack scallops and John Dory. Ryan, a Bostonian-turned-Charlottean, is the owner of Clean Catch Fish Market, the long-awaited fish market that is finally open at Selwyn Avenue and Colony Roads.

Look for my story about Clean Catch's sustainable policies, chef service -- and its prices -- in Thursday's Business section.

For all of you who have complained over the years because Charlotte doesn't have a serious fish market for serious fish fans, consider your hook baited.


Kelly said...

I'm so excited about this! :) I love pretty much all fish, and the fresher the better.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo, we havent had fresh fish in this town since gw fins went under. cant wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Finally might be able to get some of the sashimi grade himachi, or yellowtail snapper, that the sushi bars use. I like to make my own sushi at home and am getting tired of only being able to get wild-caught salmon and yellowfin tuna at the grocery store fish sections.