Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farmers market finds: Life was a bowl of cherries

What did you find to cook with this weekend? At the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, I scored fresh favas, very fresh sweet peas, mushrooms, multi-hued skinny carrots, and a bag of tart cherries.
Cherries are a rarity around here. I spot them about once a year, so I know to grab them when I see them. These came from a farm near Kannapolis.
At home, I peeled the favas (a two-step process, if you've never done it) and shelled the tiny peas, enjoying that satisfying plunk-plunk-plunk sound as they fell into my bowl. I sauted the mushrooms, then added the favas, peas and a little cream and braised them together.
I roasted the carrots along with small potatoes, baby turnips and radishes. (Yes, you can roast radishes, something I just recently discovered.)
The cherries called for more handling. I pulled out Thomas Keller's "Ad Hoc at Home" and used it as a guide for a little cherry compote to spoon over my breakfast yogurt and a batch of potted cherries with bourbon and vanilla to tuck in the refrigerator.
And you? What fabulous food finds landed in your life this weekend?


Don said...

Which farm had the cherries? I bought some sweet cherries but didn't see the sour ones.

Kathleen Purvis said...

I found them in the open-air shed, Don. It was a seller who had gathered things from several local farms. He said he'd found them on a farm near Kannapolis.

Donna said...

Mary Roberts, Windcrest Farms, had cherries at the Matthews Farmers Market this past weekend...

Kate said...

I found cherries at the Landis Gourmet Mushroom stand at the Matthews Community Farmers' Market. Made sour cherry custard pie - see my blog for a recipe: charlottefresh.wordpress.com